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a multi peruse bot that can do lots of stuff like moderation. join our discord and you can recommend commands to add to our bot



If you join our discord you can recommend commands for us to add. I got bored and deiced to do some coding. Recommending commands for me to put in will help us. We have two rust servers, and a American Truck Simulator group. Theses Are All The Commands Prefix: ! ping Check your bot's ping kick Usage: !kick [@User] !kick [@User][Reason] ban Usage: !ban [@User] !ban [@User][Reason] add Adds a role to a user Usage: !add [@User] [Role] remove Removes a role from a user Usage: !remove [@User] [Role] nuke Clears a number of messages between 2 or 100 Usage: !nuke [number] start Starts a giveaway Usage: !start [channel] [time] [amountofwinners] [nameofitem] reroll Finds a new winner of the giveaway Usage: !reroll [message-id] end Ends the giveaways Usage: !end [message-id] rps Play rock paper scissors say Have the bot say something botnet Check botnets status gay See how gay your really are pp how big is ur pp really? unlock unlocks a channel lock locks a channel monkeys see who is the biggest monkey of all owner see who is codes this bot MUSIC HELP To use filters, !filter (the filter). Example : !filter 8D. Bot debug, ping Music clear-queue, filter, loop, nowplaying, pause, play, queue, resume, search, shuffle, skip, stop, volume, w-filters Filters 8D, gate, haas, phaser, treble, tremolo, vibrato, reverse, karaoke, flanger, mcompand, pulsator, subboost, bassboost, vaporwave, nightcore, normalizer, surrounding

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