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this discord bot is just a lil same like mee6. its still in developing stages.



this discord bot is made using python and has many new commands coming and already has amazing commands too these are the cmds in the bot. (i will add more) 8ball Do a question and 8ball will respond. meme Sends a random meme. kill kill someone u hate. ping Pong! random Sends a random word or number. smack Smacks someone. pat Pats someone. hug Hugs someone. kiss Kisses someone. owo owo someone uwu uwu someone cake The cake is a lie. dog Sends a random dog image. cat Sends a random cat image. info Gets info from a user. rate Rate something echo Echos whatever you say. kick Kicks someone out of the server. ban Bans someone out of the server. unban Unbans someone. purge Deletes messages with an amount.

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