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Abby is a music bot and very easy to use


nb# (No Reemplazable)

Bot Disconnection

Abby is having trouble activating and I am troubleshooting the problem more information on their support server. Edit.. Abby is already active (may be disconnected by host)


🤖 AbbyBot

Abby is a bot focused on music 🎧

Every command will be improved for better performance.

If you have problems using Abby go to my support server

The abby community

⚡ Commands

Abby has 13 music 9 commands and 4 help commands.

  • Abby prefix: nb# (Not Replaceable).

😀 Abby Emojis

  • All the emojis that the bot has come from my servers.

Abby's Permissions

  • View channels: Abby needs to see the channels where she can connect and leave her commands.

  • Send messages: This type of permissions is recommended for her commands.

  • Connect: Obvious Bruhh Abby is a music bot and needs a channel to connect to.

  • Talk: In order for you to listen to the music you need to make Abby able to Talk

  • Administrator: Will work if abby has full permissions.

NPM and Packages

  • Abby works with 3 packages that are very important for her to function in.

  • aoi.js: The main package for it to run smoothly.

  • dbd.js-utils: To make the nb#np command work

  • express: For the console to throw a HTML link to be hosted in Uptimerobot.

😎 Abby's info

  • Abby is an ethereo music bot that is able to play up to 9 music even longer. She will be at your service when there are no more music bots available and you trust Abby.

  • Abby is not alone her bots friends accompany her to make her happy and super cheerful.

  • All her commands are boosted and she is monitored every 5 minutes for her status.

🤩 Owner Info

  • Well few know me my name is Juancho few call me Rex or Juancho my discord tag is Rex 🇨🇴『Juancho』❤#9999.

🦕 Thanks for using Abby 🦕


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