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Lexi, A Silly Cute Bot!

I am a Silly Bot with simple utility and fun commands. Just Invite me and see!


lx. [Command Here]




***Here's My Commands List: ***

  • lx. searchtrack [Track Name]

I searches for your given track's lyrics. Or if your Spotify is connected with Discord and you are listening to any song, I'll try to detect it and show the lyrics of it if no query is given.

  • lx. searchyt [Video Name / Title]

I searches for your given video and details from YouTube.

  • lx. searchweb [Query (Recommended to mention website name too)]

I searches for your query on the web.

  • lx. translate [Language in which to be Translated] [String to be Translated]

I translates your string to the language you want.

  • lx. weather [City Name / ZIP Code]

Says you the current weather of your given city.

  • lx. horoscope [Star Sign]

I says your horoscope.

  • lx. starsigns

Gives you a list of all Star Signs.

  • lx. magic8ball [Question]

Tells you what the Magic 8 Ball says to your Question.

  • lx. quote

Gives you a random Quote.

  • lx. quotetoday

Say you the Quote of the Day.

  • lx. tellfact

Says you a random fact.

  • lx. delete [Number of Messages you want to Delete]

I deletes bulk messages for you at once but make sure you have 'Manage Messages' permission.

  • lx. aboutuser [Target User]

Tries to get information about the user.

  • lx. helpme

Send you DM with my command list.

  • lx. truthq

Gives you a random Truth question.

  • lx. dareq

Gives you a random Dare question.

  • lx. scienceq

Ask you a random Science question, also answer provided.

  • lx. scienceq

Ask you a random History question, also answer provided.

  • lx. guessartistq

Gives you a song name and you have to tell the artist name.

  • lx. suggestfeature [Your Suggestion (Description recommended)]

Suggest any feature to my creator to add in me.

  • lx. reportissue [Your Issue (Please describe properly)]

Report any issue with me you are facing to my creator.

  • lx. inviteme

Sends you a link to invite me.

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