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Santa is an advanced customizable moderation bot for Discord. Has commands like lock channels, slowmode, mod logs, and much more!




Easy to use. Invite Santa to your server, run the help command, and you're good to go. It's so easy that even Wumpus could do it.

Ban/Unban Command. Bans the user / Unban That User.

Customizable Prefix. Make it easy to run commands with Santa by setting the bots prefix to whatever you want.

Clear Command. Allows you to mass delete messages at once which allows you to save time and focus on moderation instead of deleting messages.

Nickname Command. This allows you to change a user's nickname easily instead of trying to find the user.

Roleinfo Command. This command shows stats of the mentioned role.

Warn Command. Warn members.

Mute Command. Mutes that user.

Slowmode Command. Set the slowmode for the channel!

Whois Command. This command shows userinfo.

Rolememberinfo Command. Shows List Of Members Having A Role.

Setmodlogchannel/Disablemodlog. Sets A Channel Where The Bot Can Send Moderation Logs/ Disables Server Modlog Channel.

Lock/Unlock Command lock channel/Unlock channel.

Lockdown Command. Fully Lock the whole server.[FOR EMRGENCIES ONLY]

Santa Commands: My default prefix is '. Type 'help for a list of commands. The prefix is changeable for your server by using the prefix command. Santa has new commands added frequently so check the help command for the most up-to-date commands.

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