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Yua-Chan is a (soon-to-be) AI Driven Bot that is based off the private AI engine RedAlice, designed by Kaz~Kashima.



About Our Darling Yua-Chan!

Hey There! It's me Kaz! You may have heard of Ikura (An old bot that I'm superceding with Yua)

Ikura is a Multipurpose bot that I decided to develop after dedicating some time into this side project after discontinuing a few other projects, so yeah...she can be a bit annoying but sit tight! Yua did only just come out of closed-beta so a few kinks will be there pout

Alright So What Does She Do?

Simply put? To be a pain in my neck. Nah Im kidding, she's pretty much designed to attempt to bring some atmosphere to a server with her...unusal way of explaining her command categories and errors that occur and what not. As for her command? Well I'd rather list the Categories and let everyone know what commands are still buggy (that I know of); so here they are:

  • Moderation; Known Bugs: None!. => What works? everything but that (logging requires the set-logs command to be ran. This creates a yua-logs channel)
  • Fun; Image (userAvatar) Manipulation, and Roleplay; Known bugs: doesn't like mentions for Img Manip.
  • Utilities; Known Bugs: None!. => Everything else works? for some reason
  • NekoGame; Known Bugs: It's in beta so there's a few => Updated weekly, so keep an eye out for new features!
  • Want to Donate to keep the bot running? You can do so here!
  • Voting Rewards will be coming soon. Still gotta learn the API 😭

Is That All?

Well for now, yeah. But feel free to join the support server to get posted on the latest updates and issues!

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