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In a dilemma on anything? From flipping a coin, choosing from a list & checking name compatibility, Dilemma Bot has got you covered ;)



Dilemma Bot continues to add features that help solve trivial dilemmas we face each day. Here below are the bot's commands:

  1. .chanceit EVENT : Returns the probability of said event happening
  2. .coinflip : Returns the outcome of flipping a coin
  3. .rolldice : Returns the outcome of rolling a dice
  4. .trueorfalse STATEMENT : Returns whether the said statement is true or false
  5. .yesorno QUESTION : Answers yes or no to said question
  6. .match NAME1, NAME2 : Returns compatibility of two names
  7. .choose ITEM1, ITEM2,..., ITEM'N' : Returns a chosen item from a list of items
  8. .randomname : Generates & returns a random name
  9. .help : Displays this message

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