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A Simple Music bot that can play music! just like Rythm, Groovy, MEE6, and Many More!



Hello there! This is Musotiq! A Bot plays music just like MEE6, Groovy, Rythm, and many more!

here are the Commands that this bot could do!


1- Play {Music}or{youtube video link} - Plays the music you chose!

2- Pause - it will pause the current music that is being Played.

3- Resume - Resumes the music after running the pause command

4- Skip - Skips to the next song. (NOTE: We added a nice feature that makes the bot autoplay by itself)

5- Loop - Makes the song that is being played never stopped unless you type run the command again

6- Stop - Stops the current Music being played

7- queue - shows the Playlist of some music you added to play after each song

8- volume - Makes you choose how high and low the volume of the bot to be


And yeah that's pretty much it this music bot that will do, Hope You Have fun listening to this bot ;)



Derpxdxz, BraceGD, WillolzCitron

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