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R-Bot is a bot that helps you moderate your server, listen to music, look at memes, and more! Type the command ~help to see all commands.







New features: - Music - Modmail


Moderator - Commands


  • Description: Bans a user from the guild. They won't be able to join back with an invite.


  • Description: Clear the warnings for a user.


  • Description: Forcefully remove a user from the server. They may join back via an invite.


  • Description: Mutes a user for a specified time or indefinitely (mute <@user/id>


  • Description: Deletes an amount of messages (100 max, 1 min).


  • Description: Unbans a user after they are banned automatically - will delete their messages.


  • Description: Unmutes a muted user


  • Description: Warns a user in the guild with a specific reason.


  • Description: View the warnings of a user.

Miscellaneous - Commands


  • Description: Display the help message for the bot.


  • Description: Checks the latency of the bot.

Economy - Commands


  • Description: Display a user's balance


  • Description: Flip a coin to gamble away money!


  • Description: Collect your daily reward!


  • Description: Display the economy's leaderboard!


  • Description: Steal some of a user's money!


  • Description: Work at a random job to collect money!

Meme - Commands


  • Description: Display a random meme from a subreddit

Music - Commands


  • Description: Loops over the currently playing song


  • Description: Search for the lyrics of a song.


  • Description: Play a song within a VC


  • Description: Displays the upnext songs


  • Description: Skips the current playing song


  • Description: Clears the queue and disconnects from the channel

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