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Pirate Pixels

Pirate Pixels is one of the best fishing bot available on discord with trade, fish, leaderboard and much more! (infinite updates in future)






How to invite the bot and use it?
Click on the invite button to invite the bot to your server then type ;help in any channel to get a list of all availble commands.

Pay money to get stuff?
You can't buy a single thing using irl money! premium may come in future..

Is pirate pixels harmful?
Nope, pirate pixel requires perms like view_channels, send_messages, embed_links, attach_files etc.. these perms are absoultly harmless.

How to participate in events?
There are no requirements in events, event fishes have extremly rare spawn chances and they are limited and can be found while fishing.

Support Server
You can ask questions related to the bot in support channels or you can report a user or you can join it to get latest updates and perks.

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