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Turn your Discord servers into NFTs, then sell them.



Aethereum is a Discord bot that allows you to turn your favourite Discord servers into NFTs.

Featuring the completely real Aether currency, you can auction your NFTs and trade with other people to get the biggest collection of the rarest Discord server NFTs!

How do you get Aether, you ask? Aether is passively "mined" by simply talking. The more you speak, the more Aether you earn. The longer your messages, the more you earn as well! However, it takes a long time to get a "block" so you'll need to be quite active.

In order to learn how to use the bot, you can read the help command (aeth help) which gives you a list of all commands, however the general flow is like this:

  • Mint a server's NFT by doing aeth mint <server invite> (please note it is advisable to use a permanent invite, otherwise your NFT may be less valuable in the future if it cannot update server information!)
  • Auction it by doing aeth auction <nft ID>
  • Hope that people bid!

Bot Rules

  • Do not use alternative accounts to farm currency.
  • Do not create NFTs of servers that can be considered offensive. NFTs like these will be forcibily removed and taken out of circulation.
  • Do not use Aether as an actual currency.
  • Do not use actual currency to trade NFTs or purchase Aether.

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