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lmao bot

it reacts to your memes






When you send an attachment (picture, screenshot, film, sound recording), it will respond with 11 prepared messages (more coming soon).

Bot also has few commands (prefix "."):

.help - pretty self explanatory, it shows you the list of other commands and features that bot has

.interactions - shows list of words that will trigger bot's response

.changes - shows features that have been recently added, removed or changed

Bot does not request any major permissions, so you should not have a problem with it missbehaving and banning everyone around (it was not designed to do this anyway)

I am open to suggestion about what to add to this bot (you can send them on my support server)

Bot is online most days of the month (most - it will be offline for maintenace every now and then from few hours to few days, it depends)

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