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A bot that allows you to play music from YouTube or SoundCloud. Prefix = ? Use ?help




Today, the bot was massive updated, we added "lyrics", "uptime" and a lot more! Use ?help to see all the commands


Hello, I am Maty the creator of the bot. The bot sound quality its very good, and the ping its very low. The bot its hosted so its 24/7. It have a lot of commands like:

?curent Show now playing song

?help (h) Display all commands and descriptions

?loop (l) Toggle music loop

?lyrics (ly) Get lyrics for the currently playing song

?move (mv) Move songs around in the queue

?pause Pause the currently playing music

?play (p) Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud

?playlist (pl) Play a playlist from youtube

?queue (q) Show the music queue and now playing.

?remove (rm) Remove song from the queue

?resume (r) Resume currently playing music

?search Search and select videos to play

?shuffle Shuffle queue

?skip (s) Skip the currently playing song

?stop Stops the music

?support Invites you to the support server

?uptime (u) Check the uptime

?volume (v) Change volume of currently playing music

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