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Duck Bot 2.0

A multi-purpose bot with Dank Memer type commands, roleplay commands for hugging, etc. And some moderation commands, including giveaway cmd.



Duck Bot 2.0 is a multi-purpose bot!

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This can be used for roleplaying, moderating, making giveaways, and memeing around.

The prefix for this bot is 'dk!'.

Please type in dk!help (inside a text channel) for all the commands.

Getting started with this ducky is super easy! Once you've added Duck Bot 2.0 to the server, just do dk!help for the other help commands. There should be three help commands, help-mod and help-fun (inculding the normal help command). After doing that, you can do one of the other help commands. The dk!help-mod command has moderation commands, like kicking, banning and nicknaming someone and it also includes the giveaway command. The dk!help-fun command should contain every fun commands. On the first page of the dk!help-fun command contains roleplay commands. On the secons page contains the meme commands, on the third page contains animal pic/fact commands and on the last, also known as the fourth page, contains commands like the Dank Memer bot.

If you need info on any of the commands you can do dk!help (the command you need info in) eg:- dk!help help-fun Some commands may not have their info using that command.

As this bot is very new, there is no support server, help page, nor a website so make sure to keep checking weekly for updates on this discord bot list website!

That's it and have fun!

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