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ever wanted a community bot that is also a chat bot? well you are in luck






Clarrissa v.1.1

-got rid of the Clarrissa command that directs you to the Clarrissa help command


say "Clarrissa help" to see a list of commands. Clarrissa comes with a moderation feature, ((does not moderate swears and stuff, it just helps you out with banning. warning, kicking and muting)) trivia, ((for trivia I guess the website owner still needs to make the code work)) she gives you a level system for your server, she gives your server an Economy,((basically slot bot commands but less options)) she can translate things by using the command: Clarrissa translate to [insert language here] [insert thing you need translated], she can even tell you the weather using the command: "Clarrissa what is the weather today?," Clarrissa also can play your favorite songs just type: "Clarrissa play [insert song here]"

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