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What is Pepe?

Pepe is a free all in one Discord bot that revolutionizes the way to use a Discord bot. At Pepe we strive to achieve the highest quality possible to ensure that the user has the best experience when using our bot.


  • Configuration on Dashboard
  • Ticket System
  • Cloud Based Transcripts
  • Moderation
  • Music Player
  • Music Filters to spice up your music experience
  • Giveaways
  • Games
  • Fun Images
  • And much much more..

How to control the bot and what are Slash Commands?

Pepe uses the new slash commands introduced by Discord. To execute them simply write / in the chat and Discord will show you a list of all commands.

To get a better graphical overview write /help

Further Support

If you need further support with the bot please join our support server: https://discord.gg/5A7ScUVk and we will be more then happy to help you out with any of your issues.

Future plans

  • Backup System
  • New Dashboard Overlay
  • Suggestion + Bugreport system
  • More Games
  • Temp Channel Managment



Command Description
verify Send the verification message (configure on the dashboard
automod Configure security features, or on the dashboard


Command Description
new Create an new ticket
closeall Close an ticket
ticket-manager Close all tickets on your server
closeall Create Embed Opening Panel, Check your Ticket Settings, Reset all Settings
tban Bans an user from opening tickets
add Give a user access to a ticket
remove Remove a user access to a ticket


Command Description
ban Ban a member from your server
tempban Ban a member from your server for a certain time
kick Kick a member from your server
ban-list Get an overview of all bans in the past
warn Get warning caution
warncount Get the number of times a member was warned
lock Forbid all people to write in the current channel
unlock Allow all people to write in the current channel
unban Unban a member from your server
topic Set the topic for your current channel
clear Delete a certain number of messages
history View all violations of a member
slowmode Set the raid limit in which users are allowed to write


Command Description
boobs Get an b^^^^ picture or gif from reddit
anal Get an a^^^ picture or gif from reddit
oral Get an o^^^ picture or gif from reddit
penis Get an p^^^ picture or gif from reddit
pussy Get an p^^^ picture or gif from reddit


Command Description
gcreate Start the setup of a new giveaway
gstop Stop a giveaway that has already started
glist Get an overview, of all giveaways
greroll Choose randomly a new winner
gdelete Delete an existing giveaway


Command Description
tictactoe Play TicTacToe with a friend
rolldice Roll a Dice, get a number between 1-6
rockpaperscissors Play RPS with Pepe
asciiart Turn a word into ascii art
counting-game Create a new counting game, with buttons


Command Description
play Play a song from Youtube, or Spotify
pause Pause the current song
filter Manage all sound filters
queue Get an overview of all songs
volume Set volume of the music stream
resume Restart song after it was stopped
skip Skip the current song
stop Stop the current song


Command Description
userinfo Get information about a user
announce Make an annoucment with a premade embed message
usercount Check how many users your server has
roleinfo Get information about a role
say Send your own embed message
serverinfo Get information about your server


Command Description
profile Show the profile of you, or of a user
invites See how many invites a user has
invitestop Get an overview, from the best inviters
help Open the help menu
weather Check the weather, from a specific location
uptime Check the uptime of Pepe
ping Check the delays of Pepe
meme Create a new meme
mcuser Get information about a Minecraft user
google Ask google for something
encode Encode a text to binary
decode Decode a binary string to an readable string
dashboard Get the URL to the dashboard
covidstats See information about Corona
botinfo Get a great overview, about the bot
avatar Get the avatar from a user
addmemoji Add an emoji from another server to yours

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