Cat-fisher, also known as AntiPiracyBot, searches the web for user-posted images or links of images in your server.. you can easily find catfish and ban them now!


this service is FREE for users in our server, up to 5 images per day!


Do you have a dating server and you're trying to protect your users from fraud, fake relationships, bad users, catfish? This is your answer!

Do you have a large problem with catfish? Well, our bot can scan images, or, links of images and find/tell you if they are catfish online!

It works simple! And works in under 1 second! The bot can scan around 200 billion images of people online and if the image you scanned (react with :mag:) has more than 1 matching page... its a catfish!

This will dramatically improve your relations with users by showing you care about them! Removing catfish from your server helps protect users from fruad and getting their feelings hurt, or, in some cases from entering a false relationship!

A demonstration of this bot is located here: https://pastebin.com/kbCwvZx3

Our bot is a premium bot!

we want to be upfront with our costs, our API provider for image searching isnt free!

Users of our server enjoy FREEE scans! (8 per 24 hours!)

We charge: FREE 72 hour trial! up to 25 scans! 3.99/mo for 350 scans/mo $9.99/mo for 1,000 scans/mo $19.99/mo for 3,000 scans/mo

We can also integrate our bot into your bots you've coded or had coded for you! For this we charge: $14.99/mo for 1,000 scans! $29.99/mo for 3,000 scans/mo

And yes, if you're not experienced with .py or .js we will code the bot into your custom bot for you!

Our bot will very soon be everywhere, we're pretty sure! So join us today and help fight catfish online!

1: DO NOT upload images of minors! 2: DO NOT upload nude photos 3: DO NOT use this server for all your scan needs, buy a key instead! 4: DO NOT harass other members 5: BE KIND to everyone here! 6: do NOT upload pictures of beastiality 7: Do NOT upload photos of hentai sexual acts


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12 days ago

Using this bot in my all the servers Actually it's better for sauce / source searches of anime pics Also it's fastest among all the bots I have ever tested and the support is quick Thank you eternus for making such a great bot I hope it soon get verified by dicord and reach 1000+ servers




react with :mag: (and p!)





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