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A new-gen moderation, utility, and fun bot for your discord server. Moderation, Fun, and Ticketing, with a lot of other features.






Shogun has a ton of features and some of them are:

  1. Moderation [Ban and Kick perms needed]

  2. Avatar and Memes [Simple commands to get users avatars and memes from r/Meme]

  3. Translator [Translates the given text into specified language {Use ISO code to specify language}]

  4. Homeworkhelp [This command converts the given text into handwritten notes]

  5. Topics and Facts [Gives random topics and facts to talk about, so that your chats don't die!]

  6. Slap, Kiss, Hug, Pat, and Kill users using the commands

  7. Ticketing help to get started with the ticket feature in Shogun

  8. Anonymous confession feature.

  9. Membercount, reddit content and so many other features, right in your server.

Note: Remember if the argument has more than 1 word put it in double-quotes. For example: -translate "Hello, how are you?" ja Here "Hello, how are you?" gets translated into Japanese, if not in double-quotes it returns an error. For the bot to be fully functional, that is: Create tickets, Ban and Kick upon command Manage channels, Manage messages, Ban and Kick perms are to be provided.

Feel free to join our support server and add me on Discord cyber#7596

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