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Discord's first Eco-Friendly bot! Multipurpose bot to spicen up your Discord experience.

Earth Chan

Meet Earth Chan Discord's first Eco-friendly bot! That's right here' a bot that can help you save the planet by simply adding it! Read on to know more.

What is Earth Chan? #WritingCodeToSaveThePlanet

Earth Chan is a Discord Bot that has multiple features, ranging from moderation to economy to utility.

It's also Discord's first Eco-friendly bot! Now the average discord user can help save the planet by simply adding a bot to their server!

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.ban,.kick {Mentioned User} Bans/Kicks the user

.membercount Gets you the member count of the server

.av {User} Gets you the user avatar

.qrgen {Data} Generates a QR Code for the given data, be it a link, number or some random text.

.wiki {Topic} Gets you information from the Wiki page and the Wiki link, features still in development.

.homeworkhelp {Text} Converts text into handwritten notes!

.translate {Text} {Target Language ISO-2 code} Translates text into given language.

.topic/.facts Gets you random topics and facts so that your server always remains active.

.slap,.hug,.kiss,.pat,.kill,.cuddle,.wink {User} To perform the mentioned actions on the given user.

.meme Fetches memes from Reddit!

.SPS {rock, paper, scissor} Play Rock Paper Scissors with Earth Chan!

.horoscope {Sign} Get the mentioned signs' horoscope.

.economy A guide on how to get started with the economy on Earth Chan.

.doggo,.cats,.birb,.panda,.racoon Fetches animal pics for you.

.fakecred Get fake credentials! ;0

.website {link} Screenshots the website link and sends it to you so that you can save yourself from getting IP grabbed or rickrolled! [Works only in NSFW channels, because of top.gg restrictions.]

.weather {Location name} Gets you the weather of the place.

.confess {Channel ID} {Confession} Anonymous confessions.

Note: When the argument is more than one word, put it in double quotes.
E.g: .qrgen "The resultant QR code will show this message when scanned"


Q:How is Earth-Chan eco-friendly?

A: For every 10 servers Earth-Chan is in a tree is planted and documented! The tree is planted as a sapling, and then is taken care of in a forest conservation area, each tree is documented and taken care of.

Q:Sounds nice, but how am I sure of it?

A: We’ll be making a gallery page for it and open-sourcing the website, each tree and the server number for which it was documented will be recorded!

Q:Sweet, anyway I can help?

A: Yup of course there is! You can donate to the cause at the link we’ll be dropping at the end of the page. You can also ask for a custom tree and we’ll plant the tree in your name and take care of it on behalf of you! We will also be putting up a merch store very soon, support us by buying our merch there!

Q:What next?

A: We plan on using the donations for the maintenance of the bot, and of the trees too.

On our bot roadmap, we plan on adding a lot of other features like the economy, more academic features, and so on.

Other FAQs

1. The bot requires perms, to be fully functional, what if my server gets nuked?

Ans: If your server gets nuked by my bot, report my account :D

2. The arguments don't seem to be working when I pass multiple words, what do I do?

Ans: Put them in double quotes

3. The translator doesn't work, what do I do?

Ans: Use the ISO code for languages argument.

4. The Wikipedia feature doesn't work, what's wrong?

Ans: Make sure the topic is legit, exists, and be very precise.

5. The memes and homework help command do not seem to be working, why?

Ans: It doesn't have perms to send Images.

6. What data does the bot collect?

Ans: Just the channel ID, and the role ID, nothing much, nothing important.

7. The Homework help sometimes displays an empty png file, why so?

Ans: We use an external dependency for this feature, their server has a timeout, hence the latency, sorry for the inconvenience, we'll look for another alternative to this.

8. How do I support the bot and it's cause?

Ans: Donate or buy our merch!

9. How do I know this is legit?

Ans: We will soon be uploading a gallery site where all the trees and their growth will be recorded.

To support us, please do consider donating or buying our merch!

Misc links

Support server on Disboard

Support server direct link

Bot invite

Top.gg invite link

Suggestions using Google Forms

Donate to Protect the planet!

Donate here


Earth-Chan avatar

Art by RogueDoodler#4103, used with permission.


To contribute code DM me at kalki#9587

To suggest a feature join the support server!

Fanart and memes are always welcome.

Merch store coming soon, stay tuned!

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