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The most advanced Minecraft Discord bot. Features such as username history, server information, Hypixel stats, player skins, trivia & more!


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avatar of Darkflame72
Darkflame72 2 months ago

Great bot super flexible for anything Minecraft. Fun to use with friends and adds to the discord experience. One of the largest amount of commands with them all super polished and reliable. Staff are great and everything about the bot is awesome. Would recommend for anything Minecraft and has several awesome features with Patreon.

avatar of Crafty
Crafty 2 months ago

Thank you for your kind words!

Replying to Darkflame72

avatar of Dirtbikedude
Dirtbikedude 2 months ago

Super good to see and compare your friends stats


avatar of xDerp
xDerp 29 days ago

underrated bot! really good bot, shows stats. Good job!


avatar of xXAshXx
xXAshXx 12 days ago

Nice bot but please add auto relod


avatar of rolyPolyVole
rolyPolyVole 4 days ago

It has lots of fun and informational features. Very good bot!