Fortnite Shop


A Discord Bot for the daily Fortnite Shop

Created By: EweLoHD# 6173


- Generates a picture of the daily Fortnite Shop
- Sends the picture of the Shop every day in a specific channel
- Shows the rarity and name of each Item
- Shows the price of each Item


!s help Shows you all the commands of the Bot.
!s shop Sends a picture of the Fortnite Shop.
!s setShopChannel Sets the channel in which the Bot sends the Shop. (Donators only)
!s info Shows common information about the bot.
!s history [dd].[mm].[yy] Shows the shop of one of the past 30 days.
!s leaks Shows the upcoming/leaked Items which were found of the datamined Gamefiles.


FortniteShop Bot is powered by the fnbr.co API.