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Flawless Fortnite VERIFICATION, Fortnite Stats, HD Music, Playlists, Advanced Settings, Logging & more!

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What's New

Icarus is a Discord bot that brings new life to your Discord server, by introducing much-desired features geared towards making your life easier. Some of these features include, but are not limited to: Music, Logging, Levelling, Fortnite Stats, Fortnite Snipes and more!

When you invite the bot to your server, we recommend granting it Administrator permissions, so it can work without issues.
Although, you are welcome to change any permissions you like.

We have a Trello, if you're interested in tracking our progress and want to see what we have planned for Icarus.

Below is a categorized list of all currently available commands in Icarus along with their description.
If you have any questions, you're welcome to join our Discord Support Server for assistance.

Icarus is a project supported by patrons through Patreon.
By becoming a patron, you gain access to several awesome commands.
These are indicated by gold within their respective categories.
Commands with a blue background are commands only accessible to accepted sponsored content creators

Command Info
i!help List of commands
i!help <command> Help info for specified command
i!changelog See what's new/fixed/changed in the bot
i!botinfo Displays technical details about the bot
i!trello Retrieves the Icarus Trello link for bug reporting
i!premium Returns information on getting premium access
i!redeem <key> Redeem a Premium Key
i!support Returns an invite link to our support server
i!vote Returns link to vote for Icarus
i!website Returns link to Icarus website -
i!invite Generates an invite link which can be used to add Icarus to your server
i!remindme <time> <message> Has Icarus send the message set to you after the time specified
If DMs are disabled Icarus will tag the user and post the message in the channel command was ran in last
Command example: i!remindme 1h Hi
i!ping Checks various network response times
i!uptime Shows how long Icarus has been online for
i!server Shows basic information about the server
i!permissions Lists permissions currently available to you
i!rank <user> Shows a user's rank on the server's leveling system
Use i!rank to see your own rank
i!avatar <user> Provides a download link to the selected user's avatar
Use i!avatar to get your own avatar link
i!user <user> Displays useful information about the user
Use i!user to see your own info
i!sponsorship Icarus will post information about the sponsorship program in the channel the command was ran in
i!listsponsors Lists all of the current sponsors with their social media platforms
i!sliaison Assigns the liaison for the to be advertised through Icarus
Can only be ran if application is accepted
i!stwitch Assigns the Twitch channel for the to be advertised through Icarus
Can only be ran if application is accepted
i!syoutube Assigns the YouTube channel for the to be advertised through Icarus
Can only be ran if application is accepted
i!stwitter Assigns the Twitter page for the to be advertised through Icarus
Can only be ran if application is accepted
i!toggle <command> <category>Click to Preview Toggles a command / a category of commands to be disabled / enabled in the server
Categroy example: i!toggle music to disable the music category
Command example: i!toggle play to disable the i!play command
i!settings <setting> <option> Change various server-related settings
Check the Settings category for more details
i!logconfig <type> <true/false> Change Icarus logging features
i!setprefix <prefix> Sets the prefix used for commands
Default: i!
i!kick <user> Kicks the user of choice out of the server
i!ban <user> bans the user of choice out of the server
i!genpvcClick to Preview Generates a private channel
i!prune <amount>Click to Preview Prunes the current channel of all messages less than 2 weeks old
i!poll <create|start>Click to Preview Generates a poll for users to participate in
i!announce [#channel] <message>Click to Preview Make an announcement to the channel posted/specified
(Required to set the announce role via settings prior to use)
i!roledebug <role> Get more advanced details about a role on your server
i!set <admin_role|mod_role|sniper_role|dj_role> <roleId> Assigns specified permissions to the specified role
i!set <verified_role|verifiedsub_role> <roleId> Specifies a role that will be given to Verified users
i!set auto_role <roleId> Specifies a role to be given to new joining members
i!set level_channel <channelID> Specifies a channel for level-up notifications
i!set logging_channel <channelID> Specifies a channel where logged server events go
i!set modlog_channel <channelID> Specifies a channel where logged Moderation events go
i!set verify_channel <channelID> Specifies a channel where Verified logs go
i!set music_channel_auto <voiceChannelID> Specifies a Voice Channel the bot will auto join if a member joins it
i!set music_channel <channelID> Specifies a channel where all music related commands will go
i!set music_volume <0 - 100> Sets the music player volume %
i!set music_vote_percent <1 - 100> Specifies the required number of users vote, in order to skip a song
Epic Games Verification
i!startverifyClick to Preview Creates the verification button in the channel its ran in
i!checkign <discord id/epic games username> Displays which Fortnite username is linked with a Discord account
i!verifyrole <roleName/roleID/@role> Sets the role given to a user who verifies their account
i!verifysubs <roleName/roleID/@role> Sets a role for Twitch subscribers to recieve upon verifying
Can NOT be the actual subscriber role twitch automatically gives
i!verifylog <channelName/channelID> Sets a channel to post verified accounts too
i!verifyblacklist <userID/@user> Removes and blacklists an account linked with Icarus for the server it's ran in
i!verifyupdate Runs through each user in your server and will attempt to re-assign any missing verified roles people don't have
i!verifyqs Unlocks the code channel to verified roles only instead of @everyone roles
i!countdown <5|10> Starts a countdown in your current voice channel
i!cd and i!countdown are synonymous
i!queuesnipe <5-60>Click to Preview Begins a countdown and tracks 3-digit server IDs in chat
i!qs and i!queuesnipe are synonymous
i!requeue Restarts the running i!queuesnipe
Must be ran while a i!queuesnipe is running
i!qsstop Force Stops the running i!queuesnipe
Must be ran while a i!queuesnipe is running
i!fns <platform> <username>Click to Preview Displays stats for the specified user
Use i!fns alone to see your linked account's stats
i!fns and i!ftn are synonymous
i!fns link <username> Links your Discord account to a Fortnite account
i!cat Generates a random cat image within the channel that the command was ran in
i!dog Generates a random dog image within the channel that the command was ran in
i!meme Generates a random meme image within the channel that the command was ran in
i!8ball <question> Ask the 8ball a question and recieve a random answer
i!play <Name|URL|Playlist URL>Click to Preview Plays the audio from the specified link
i!leave Forces Icarus to leave your voice channel
i!repeat Toggles current track repeat
i!join Forces Icarus to join the your voice channel
i!pause Pauses currently playing audio
i!stop Stops currently playing audio and clears the queue
i!listqueue Lists all queued links including currently playing
i!clearqueue Clears the current music queue
i!skip Skips the currently playing audio
i!seek <hh:mm:ss> Skips the specified amount ahead into the currently playing audio
i!resume Resumes the previously playing audio
i!nowplaying Shows currently selected audio and position
i!restart Restarts the currently playing audio
i!shuffle Shuffles the current queue
i!volume <1-100> Adjusts the volume of the audio
i!bass <off|low|medium|high|insane|broken> Enhances the bass of the currently playing audio
i!playlistClick to Preview Internal Icarus playlist system command(s)

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Designed by: Takoid#3709