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Unique Music Player with Filters and Spotify Support | Starboard | Mod-Log | Logs | Kancolle & Azur Lane DB | All in one bot ❤


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Anniversary Update

- Commands reduced from >140 to <130 (mostly because I made multiple sub commands in a command) - Doing a command with invalid arguments now shows an Invalid Argument message - Config related commands have been rewritten and is now categorized on what they configure - Ability to Ignore a Role in Invite cleaner (Most Asked, and Requested Feature) - Ability to Change your Starboard Emoji (Most Asked, and Requested Feature) - Ability to Set a default persistent volume for your Guild in the Music Player - Ability to Disable auto leave persistently for your Guild in the Music Player - Ability to Disable playback messages persistently for your Guild in the Music Player - Now playing embed improvements - New Music Commands ,AutoPlay & MoveServer * Auto Play, is essentially auto playlist, which automatically enqueues songs when you only have one song remaining in queue (Youtube & Spotify only) * Move Server, is for those who are having troubles on the auto server selection for music, like the node selected is too far at your voice region - New Music Servers, We now have 5 Public Music Servers across the globe, this means more redundancy and capacity - More redundancy when a music server disconnects, in hopes to lessen the complaints about disconnecting servers - Azur Lane enhancements, the command is now more robust and more feature-rich than before - Command edits, for those typos in commands that you are lazy to resend. - ...... and something I may have forgotten to mention here.

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99% Uptime.

Reliable and Maintained.

HQ Music Player with Unique Features.

Nightcore, Vaporwave, Karaoke, Bassboost player support.

Azur Lane + Kancolle Shipgirl Database.

Internet Radios.

Starboard System.

Interaction and Fun commands.

Moderation and Server Logs.

Guild Suggestion System.

Configurable Settings.

Osu! related commands.

and many more!


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