Shibe Bot Certified Bots

Own your own virtual Shiba Inu otherwise known as doges! Collect Shibe Bucks and battle/customise your pets with your friends!

Created By: ELECTR0ZED# 0001 Certified Developer

The Shibe Bot

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What does it do?

The Shibe Bot is a bot built around the dog breed Shiba Inu. The main feature of the bot is how you can catch your very own Shiba Inu pets and feed, walk, battle and care for your pets!

The bot has lots of functions which include:

  • Shibe Images/Gifs
  • Pet Shiba Inu's
  • Online pet battling
  • Take care of your pets
  • Music
  • Custom Currency
  • Customizable Bot Prefix
  • Much more to come

Check out our website here!

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