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SpaceBot is a bot which allows you to access some of NASA's (and other) APIs directly from discord. You could find out where the ISS currently is, who is in space or just decide to find some photos from NASA's collection. The Sky is NOT the limit

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+space help - View help for all below commands inside Discord easily!

+space stats - View current stats for the bot.

+space iss location - Gives the current location of the ISS

+space iss passes <location(place / town / city name)> - Gives some upcoming passovers and their times (in UTC) and how long they will last for a given location

+space agency search - Searches for a space agency

+space launch upcoming <amnt=5> - Gives upcoming launches; default value is 5 but can be specified

+space images search - Gives an image related to your search term from NASAs image API. +space images apod - Gives you NASA's Astronomy Photo Of The Day

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