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avatar of Kingschool9
Kingschool9 2 months ago

This bot is actually good if you want to have a custom economy. Easy and fast. For developers => they have an API where you can copy server leaderboards into your own bot so if you want to move on you can! Respect for them!


avatar of custom
custom 2 months ago

Amazing bot! I truly feel this bot is very underrated. UnbelievaBoat deserves a top spot competing against Dank memer and so on. I have had no issues what's so ever and I hope to see more in the future.


avatar of ✘0nedreamツ
✘0nedreamツ 1 month ago

I don't ever leave reviews to bots, but this really came is shock, soo many features that should be premium but that are completely free! I came to this realization that...This is really the best bot!! I recommend it with all my heart.


avatar of Clyde
Clyde 2 months ago

Aw yes music for premuim

avatar of UnbelievaBoat
UnbelievaBoat 2 months ago

Most of our core features are free. However, we need a way to pay for hosting.

Replying to Clyde

avatar of Obarutetsu
Obarutetsu 1 month ago

An excellent bot, allowing both an economical system such as mini-games or moderation. PS: If you want the items in the inventory to be more like trophies that cannot be used, just use !disable use-item :)


avatar of Shredder
Shredder 1 month ago

Awesome bot for moderation!


avatar of Czenek
Czenek 2 months ago

Preatty usefull Bot. If you are not sure if you want to add it to your server just give it a shot, it's totally worth.


avatar of Samm386
Samm386 2 months ago

very useful in moderation and mini games


avatar of zingo
zingo 1 month ago

totally tubular bot, it's epicly useful


avatar of NuggaN85
NuggaN85 2 months ago

hi possible add language french ?