Certification Program

Documentation and requirements for applying

What is certification?

The certification program gives users and their bots a certified status and more exposure for their creation, we look for bots we think are unique, supported, well maintained and have a premium feel to them. Certified bots are expected to be online 24/7 amongst other things which you can read up on in the requirements section.

The ideal applicant

Here are some things we're looking for in bots that want to apply. Following this one or more things on this list gives you the best shot at being accepted in to the program.

  • Bots that have a primary function which is executed and performs well
  • Beautiful clear documentation for users of your bot
  • Useful and fun bots
  • Unique and Original Ideas
  • Clear aspects of your bot that seperate it from the crowd
  • Developers who can read all of this and understand the requirements for applying don't guarantee entry to the program

What we're NOT looking for

Certain bots just aren't fit for our certification program and small edits/additions likely won't change this. Below is a list of things we're not looking for in our certification program at the moment

  • Multipurpose Bots
    • We prefer bots that are built for one or two features that are well made instead of hundred of useless/poorly designed features.
  • 8ball / coinflip / RNG based commands
    • If one of your bots main/only commands is magic 8ball/coinflip or some other random number generated command don't bother applying
  • Non-English Speaking Bots
    • Your bot must support the English language. British English for extra points ;)

Perks of Certification

  • A cool badge
  • A role for you and your bot
  • Access to exclusive text and voice channels
  • Allowed to use JavaScript on long description
  • Vanity URLs
  • An improved chance at being on the front page
  • Permission to change nickname in the Discord server
  • Custom header images and a pulsing avatar on user profiles
  • Custom bot card backgrounds

MINIMUM Requirements for Certification

  • Post your server count to our API.
  • Informative use of the short and long description.
  • Original code, not a fork of a bot with a new name.
  • Been on the list for at least 3 days.
  • Your bot must be in the Discord Bot List Discord server.
  • Your bot's server count must be >300 (If you are found to be faking server count you and your bot will be banned).
  • Implementation of voting in your bot (e.g rewards on user vote. Minimum being a command with a link to vote)
  • Your bot must have at least 120 monthly votes at the time of applying
  • 24/7 Hosting, with exception for minor downtime due to maintenance or other issues.
  • Full documentation of commands, either in a help commands or external site.
  • The use of at least one of our widgets on your website/github page. (Get widgets for your bot by going to your bot's profile and pressing edit)

How we review certification applications

When your bot is submitted it will be allocated points in 5 different areas.

  • Discord Bot Best Practices.
  • Functionality
  • Concept
  • Creativity
  • Short and Long Description use

We might add more areas in the future. If your bot scores over a certain point threshold, it will be eligible to be certified.

If you want a chance / easy way to get more points you can phyiscally mail your certification application and that will boost your chances. If you choose this method and include a from address we will physically mail you a certificate if you are sucessfully certified. Click here for more information