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Creative Community focused on sharing Art, Design, Development, Music, Photography and Writing.




Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination is powered purely by the creative community.

  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Musicians
  • Photographers
  • Streamers

Our Focus!

  • We're looking to create a creation centric environment
  • We want to open up as many possibilities, purely from imagination

In the future:

  • We expect to have server unique features, only to be found at Pure Imagination
  • With a solid foundation of community focus, growth is inevitable
  • Desirable events, collaborations and anything else the community wishes!

When you're playing in good company, The game is never lost.

We hope to see you with us. 
Your ideas, our focus.
Your concepts, our reality.

User Reviews


Based on 6 reviews

avatar of Flint
Flint 2 months ago

Literally the BEST server I've been in. Very active community with extremely social members. I share all my writings here and I get really good and enthusiastic feedback. Keep it up guys!


avatar of jocurano
jocurano 3 months ago

Innovative and friendly server, perfect place to chill and express your artistic talents!


avatar of LizzyStizzy
LizzyStizzy 2 months ago

oMG LOVE THIS SERVER A LOT ITS JUST SO GOOd, but real talk, its hella organized and u feel free talking about what u like and meet a lot of nice people, its just so friendly :>


avatar of bunz
bunz 2 months ago

Best server ever


avatar of japan
japan 3 months ago

Kicked for DJing in my own VC

avatar of Pure Imagination
Pure Imagination 3 months ago

I'm pretty sure you were part of a raiding party, and that was the reason for the ban.

Replying to japan