Havendale Village

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Havendale Village

Second Life socializing and help channel by Chiyo Selona with additional support for the store ChiMia and the sim Havendale Village.

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Second Life Residents: Let's Socialize

Second Life resident Chiyo Selona made this Discord server for socializing with Second Life peeps PLUS to offer support for her store ChiMia and sim Havendale Village.

This stuff is okay:

  • Chatting or asking questions about Second Life, ChiMia, or Havendale Village
  • Sharing useful info
  • Support requests
  • Suggestions
  • Sharing dank memes (Chiyo can't get enough)
  • Being silly or weird

This stuff is not okay:

  • NSFW things. It's a mature rated sim/community/store, not adult rated.
  • Being a jerk in any way. Chiyo decides what is jerky behavior.
  • Spamming
  • Anything that breaks the sim rules
  • Anything against Linden Labs Terms of Service

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