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Artex Development

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Artex Development

We are a very chill and laid back team of amateur developers who work on public and open-source projects.

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Artex Development

We are a very chill and laid back team of amateur developers who work on public and open-source projects. We only do this in our free time and thus try to be as active as possible. Our team is not a business and we do not work on projects based on payment. Instead, we work to bring services and other tools to the entire community.


Artex Development was originally called The Artex Network. The Artex Network was opened back in 2015 as a Minecraft server network by @PercyParty and myself. However, at the time, we had very little server management experience and no development skills whatsoever. Eventually, the server became too much to handle and the community had virtually died. A few months later, when I became very interested in programming, I started the Artex Development team. Since then, Artex Development has worked on numerous different projects with a number of both new and experienced developers.


The Discord guild roles are split up in a way that makes it easy for you to reach the right people quickly.

  • Administrators (currently only me) are users both organize and manage the entire team (projects, users, etc.).
  • Developers are members of the team that not only are just part of the team, but also help with team development and management.
  • Team members are users that are a part of the Artex Development team.
  • Members are users that are well-known. This role is usually not given to when asked for.

Along with this, also have the Support role for those who can help other with programming. If you have experience with a programming language, feel free to send a DM to either @AL_1 or me and we will get the role to you. Anyone who is given the role will also receive the Member role. However, certain users may also receive the Member role for other reasons.


The following are important links that may help you.


If you would like to use my official developer API, be sure to visit the documentation at https://www.theartex.net/documentation/. Along with this, I also provide an example of the developer API in use at https://github.com/mathhulk/add-electron/. Artex Developent Dashboard is meant to show what exactly the developer can provide for authentication and user management. Artex Development Dashboard is currently being maintained in Electron, but was originally made with PHP Desktop at https://github.com/mathhulk/artex-development-dashboard/.


We use Trello as our to-do list for most of projects. However, Trello may not be very up-to-date, as many developers like to keep their own lists of changes they need to make elsewhere and may not update the Trello regularly. Please be sure to look through a project for an up-to-date to-do list before checking Trello.

The following are some helpful Trello links. However, a good amount of our pojects also make use of GitHub projects to keep track of what we need to work on for each of our repositories.

Want to donate? Feel free to help us out: https://dev.theartex.net/donate/.