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A chill small active gaming, among us, minecraft (server) and mostly EU based community targeted towards SFW people over 18.




Kingdom of Meowmii is a small among us playing community (on EU servers) with our own Minecraft server. Most of us are 18+. If you are looking for chill people to play with we are a great choice! ♡

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avatar of SnowPeach
SnowPeach 2 months ago

Very chill server with a cute vanilla Minecraft server with chillest among us players I have ever played on. Definitely my favorite server most people are pretty mature and very well and fairly moderated.


avatar of Aslan
Aslan 2 months ago

Great server! a lot of games, I joined for animal crossing and it's great. Nice people :D


avatar of Loluwu
Loluwu 2 months ago

Rule 22 will always be my favorite lol...


avatar of Simpai
Simpai 2 months ago

This is the most Wholesome server I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of! They accept everyone for who they are! They have the cutest Minecraft server, and we all have a blast playing AmongUs! (Psst, be careful they have some of the biggest galaxy brains ever!) The gifs are Kawaii, and the Admins are very dedicated! I've never been as comfortable in a server before honestly.


avatar of Earo10
Earo10 1 month ago

5/5 wholesome chill server ( for reals none paid me at all ) most of the peeps that join are either chill or just want to enjoy their time.


avatar of Leape
Leape 1 month ago

The kingdom is great, the cats are cute and the rule 22 must be enforced at all costs, also this review was not sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS.


avatar of NotHazel
NotHazel 1 month ago

I have been here for some time, its very wholesome, if you like wholesome you will like the server, its actually sfw and enjoyable as the description says, its a 10/10 for me chief


avatar of Diego
Diego 1 month ago

Very nice, usually we got a lobby or 2 of among us every day, rly nice, if you wonder about the other comments, what could rule 22 be, you gotta join and check for your self am i right? 11/10


avatar of Afss
Afss 1 month ago

My profile picture my have salt, but this server has 0 salt in it, rly sweet and wholesome! Respect the rules be wholesome, join the community


avatar of Flugel
Flugel 17 days ago

I'll just leave the quote of a troll we've had in the server: Pengu - 12/08/2020: "We are sorry were going to troll your chat but you guys are to wholesome so we are going to just leave sorry" Server is very wholesome! Everyone genuinely cares about you and tries to help you if something is going wrong and you need help. There are a lot of fun events by member innitiatives such as karaoke nights, movie nights and giveaways. The owner is the most hard working person trying to fix everything as quick as possible and doing the best she can for the server. You can't wish for a better owner. So If you are looking for a great community to join and need new friends join this one!!


avatar of 『LLENN』
『LLENN』 1 month ago

This is one of the most best server that I have ever went to, I promise you, Join it and yo won't have any regrets. It's pretty wholesome and respective after all. There are so many varieties such as having to enjoy in different games inside this community, being able to help in this community, and much more. This is the server that I wanted to get in to, not because of some other reasons, but because it is one of a kind and it is clearly different from other public servers. I'll try to enjoy much time I have left in here because it really is comforting me every time I talk to members inside of it. Also Don't forget rule 22 uwu. It also is sfw and can comemorate with other members too.Very chill, fancy and all that. No toxicity also. I am really enjoying my time in here. I hope you get to join too as well, as well as for our dedicated queen who has been really taking care of it with hard effort.


avatar of Brii
Brii 1 month ago

Amazing server, everyone is very welcoming and kind. Fun games and fun people to play with.


avatar of Jace
Jace 15 days ago

Its me MonkeyMan and i approve this server


avatar of CARROT
CARROT 1 month ago

Join the server by chance and really enjoy it :) Everyone is super friendly. Chill among us game, no toxic. Errrrrrr....it's good.


avatar of nervouscraig
nervouscraig 17 days ago

i would say after being in this server for a good month that i appreciate the friendly community it has, the minecraft server it has is pretty good and the owner is open to suggestions, would say this is a very good server with a nice and open community


avatar of FullOnNervousunu
FullOnNervousunu 16 days ago

Very good server and wholesome indeed, honestly I haven’t found a good server in awhile, and this is one of those rare good underrated server, there’s plenty of games you can play with us and/or just chill! the mods admin and the owner are active almost all the time! It’s always sfw and mature so that’s a + from me.


avatar of saculize
saculize 17 days ago

amazing server, met some great ppl on there and really fun to game.


avatar of 🌺Flowers. . .🌺

chill server i love the server and the minecraft server and the among us games the people in it are so nice