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MantriX Corporations [MXCorp]

Welcome to MantriX's personal Server! This is a miscellaneous server for every person's need! Go and meet some new people!



Sample Bots


Welcome to MantriX's personal Server! Here you can find...

  • New peeps to talk with!

  • Fun bots not only like Tatsumaki, Mantaro, KawaiiBot, Mee6, DynoBot, Rythm, GiveawayBot, and many more, but also our own bots! (often offline)

  • Hard rule system, nothing escapes from our eyes!

  • Good warning system! Unbreakable!

  • Music channel for those who prefer just chilling around!

  • Always adding new systems and roles

  • Giveaways!

  • Leagues with mee6, and economics!

  • Small community that always grows!

  • Manually joinable NSFW if you want to stay clean!

moderators wanted

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