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Football (Soccer) fans discussing the latest news and scores of the most popular sport worldwide.




Named Discord's Top 15 featured partner channels and the number 1 Sports Partner, If you live and breathe Football, join Football fans discussing the latest news and scores of the most popular sport worldwide

  • General Football chat channels.
  • Team specific channels.
  • Matchday channels.
  • Live Transfer feed.
  • Livescore feed.
  • Live news feed.
  • Prediction league competition - Can you accurately predict match results?
  • Weekly trivia competition - Test your football knowledge against others.
  • Edit Competition - Test your Football graphic skills.
  • Unique Trivia game played in the form of team vs team.
  • Levelling system
  • Friendly staff
  • Toxic free environment

User Reviews


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avatar of Tadz
Tadz 2 months ago

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avatar of ADIB
ADIB 3 months ago

I love this server like no other!! Because they are very friendly. They dont ban you without any reason like other servers.


avatar of Luigii
Luigii 3 months ago

Great Server, The Best football Server in Discord easily! Lots of fun activities and events and competitions are held every day Plus The Server has its own unique bots and currency system which is absolutely amazing It also has its own League called DEL where the users get to join clubs and play matches using football Trivia Questions!! 5/5 100% Recommend to join :>


avatar of Ascendant
Ascendant 3 months ago

Easily one of the most well-organized and user-friendly discord servers I've seen. The events, especially DEL, and the ever-helpful staff make it a cut above the rest for me. Made a lot of friends here and you def wont regret joining the server :)


avatar of S.Aditya
S.Aditya 3 months ago

The best server to have football related discussions with people from all around the world. The server also has a lot of fun and interesting events in which you can take part in and it also consists of a great staff team who are always ready to help the users out in case they ever need it.


avatar of LiverPaulinho
LiverPaulinho 3 months ago

Server with a lot of great people, where you can discuss all sorts of things


avatar of BigBozz
BigBozz 3 months ago

If it's on top.gg, you know the server is GOATed ;)


avatar of NUMBERS
NUMBERS 3 months ago

toooo good, and the right place to spend time!


avatar of DeUnPepazo
DeUnPepazo 3 months ago

Excellent server and excellent community, I've made friends of lots of countries worldwide and that makes me feel really good. We all share the same interest that is football and enjoy discussing any topic related to it. Also, I like the organization of the server because we have channels for everything and bots for everything too. If you love football, I strongly recommend you to join the server.


avatar of Messia
Messia 3 months ago

One of the best servers I have been to!


avatar of 𝘗𝘦𝘭𝘦
𝘗𝘦𝘭𝘦 3 months ago

its an amazing server, and im pele so it has to be true :)


avatar of NP15
NP15 3 months ago

A well equipped server with enjoyable and coordinated events. Friendly place to talk about the beautiful game of football. With the wide variety of users who are in this server, talking or debating about a particular event/match is twice the fun. I would definitely recommend people to join the server!


avatar of Soulezy
Soulezy 3 months ago

Very educational and fun server lots of activities


avatar of Penguin
Penguin 3 months ago

Best sports-based server on discord. It has a super friendly staff and does a great job of getting users to interact. It has great events and does a great job of introducing users to the server.


avatar of natesaysk
natesaysk 3 months ago

Really good server if you wanna talk abt football/soccer. The mods actually do their job and the people there are really cool and nice. It's also really organized and the mods do well with the events like DEL. The only complaint would be Howler :(


avatar of j123 ッ
j123 ッ 6 months ago

This is an awesome, nice and friendly server. I like it a lot and this is the best Football server ever on Discord


avatar of Julia Evianne
Julia Evianne 3 months ago

This server is very active, fun and inclusive. New users can easily engage in discussions about football or any other chat in the different channels this server has. There's also loads of events, some of which are related to football. Great staff team as well.