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Discord For Adults - 21+ Server Geared Towards People That Adult



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What makes us different:

  • More Mature Members - We do not allow trolls or people that like to harass others
  • Lax server policies - This is a fun place, let’s not stress over things too much, yeah?
  • We want people that are active. High member numbers is not a priority but building an awesome community is. Member numbers are displayed on server for transparency.

What we got:

  • Members with all sorts of interests such as art, photography, reading, and programming.
  • Movie nights upon request with nearly anything you could want to watch.
  • Members that enjoy voice chat and video chat! We’re not shy but it’s ok if you are!

If you have a smaller server and are looking to merge with us then please DM me.

Pickle Spurn#1234

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