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This server is for anyone that enjoys casual chat and socializing, and is a place to share their ideas, thoughts, and opinions freely.



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banana's cafΓ© πŸ’›

Owner: kawaii banana#6745

A unique server with people and their friends, here to chat and make new friends! We welcome people of all interests, backgrounds, and preferences. Here's a breakdown of why we are (hopefully) an awesome place!

✩ I'm (owner) a friendly person who chats casually, just like everyone else! ✩ I'm the developer of @uwu bot, a bot now used in over 4500 servers! ✩ Our friendly members are willing to not only chat amongst each other, but with new people as well. Don't be shy! ✩ You can assign roles in #✩roles✩ to give yourself a nice description. ✩ We have a shop run by uwu bot, where you can purchase hoisted roles or roles with extraordinary perks! ✩ Our staff team is helpful and ensures that the chat is laid-back, but comfortable for everyone. ✩ If you want a new channel or any other addition to the server or bot, I'm more than happy to listen to your suggestions.

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