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My Little Pony Fanserver ¦ RPG; Pony-emojis; Infos, News, Bilder und vieles mehr ¦ nicht nur für Bronies, für jeden My Little Pony Fan ¦ MLP

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429 members 140 emotes

Fun Social Anime

Pony Server ~ mostly German. :flag_de: We are working on english translations

♥ We have a large number of events for everypony to enjoy :Party_Derpy:

♥ mlp everywhere :surprise:

♥ An rpg is also in development :wink_Lyra:

♥ We currently offer a Twilight Sparkle RPG and Fun Bot :happy:

  • Level & Money ¦ Case Openings & Items ¦ Achievements
  • 24/7 Newgrounds Music
  • YouTube ¦ Translator
  • Weather ¦ Meme Creator ¦ GIFs ¦ MLP

♥ and a FlutterBot for more Fun :yay:

  • hug/boop/kiss somepony!
  • random facehoof gif
  • search for an image from Derpibooru

♥ as well as a lot of MLP Emojis :surprise: :love:

♥ and much more :cool~1:

♥ Wir sind ebnso offen für neue Wünsche und Partnerschaften - näheres für Partnerschaften über unsere Webseite