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Landshark is a public discord that strives to have a friendly community that loves to interact each other.



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Welcome to Landshark

Landshark is a public discord server that has been operational since March of this year. We strive to have a friendly community that loves to interact each other.

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Staff are encouraged to give a warning before banning, but that is up to them. Here are some general rules.

  • Don't use any language that is discriminatory to a person's race, sexuality, or beliefs in public text chats. This includes racial slurs against either your race or another's race and sexual slurs (Context does not matter).
  • Don't talk or share images that could be construed as sexual. We don't care if you do this to each other in private, just not in any of our public chats. This rule excludes NSFW chats.
  • Do not advertise links to other discord servers or non-affiliated websites without talking to the owner first.
  • You may use #self-promotion to send YouTube videos, channels, twitch highlights, social media accounts, etc. (Exception(s): Discord Servers, Gaming Servers, Pornographic sites) You can only use it once a day.
  • Using this discord as a means of ranking up on others is an immediate ban. This shouldn't be the only discord you are in, but if you wish to use this server for selfish means then you can just leave now.
  • Please do not troll excessively. A staff member will warn you if it gets too much.
  • If people are using the music bot to actually use it, please don't troll them and make it leave if they have queued songs they actually want to listen to. Wait your turn and be patient.
  • Do not intentionally start drama.
  • Do not try to avoid a ban. If you want to get unbanned, PM an admin first.
  • Please use the correct channel, or your message will be deleted.
  • Do not spam. This includes sending similar messages, characters, or strings in a rapid succession. This includes long lines of unnecessary capital letters also.
  • Do not leak personal information about another user in this chat without their consent.

These rules can be modified, deleted, or amended without announcing it publicly. Therefore, we expect our users to check periodically.


We have a LOT of ranks that our users will be able to achieve. Our system is automated, but will be upgraded using a custom bot in the near future. Here is a list of achievable ranks!

Automatic Ranks

These roles are given out when a user hits the required level. XP is given out in intervals of 15 to 35 xp. You can only get awarded xp once a minute, to prevent the temptation to spam.

  • On Join Lantern Shark #2D5E94
  • Lvl 1 Ghost Shark #8F8896
  • Lvl 2 Pygmy Shark #FF5C94
  • Lvl 3 Goblin Shark #A8A966
  • Lvl 4 Horn Shark #9CD2E8
  • Lvl 5 Bignose Shark #80B29F
  • Lvl 6 Reef Shark #4B678B
  • Lvl 7 Sand Shark #FFDC90
  • Lvl 8 Frilled Shark #5F4B40
  • Lvl 9 Carpet Shark #993316
  • Lvl 10 Basking Shark #CC6342
  • Lvl 11 Lemon Shark #FFF850
  • Lvl 12 Saw Shark #92AFC3
  • Lvl 13 Ganges Shark #71C1B7
  • Lvl 14 Cat Shark #71C1B7
  • Lvl 15 Bramble Shark #CC46C2
  • Lvl 16 Copper Shark #B36F33
  • Lvl 17 Thresher Shark #13168B
  • Lvl 18 Spinner Shark #518741
  • Lvl 19 Silky Shark #A1D6E4
  • Lvl 20 Dusky Shark #777267
  • Lvl 21 Blacktip Shark #08172C
  • Lvl 22 Whitetip Shark #ffffff
  • Lvl 23 Silvertip Shark #B8AC8E
  • Lvl 24 Ginsu Shark #5433A0
  • Lvl 25 Blue Shark #4744E1
  • Lvl 26 Night Shark #260063
  • Lvl 27 Speartooth Shark #440C12
  • Lvl 28 Tiger Shark #FF7F13
  • Lvl 29 Bull Shark #A50000
  • Lvl 30 Angel Shark #FF11CE

Special Ranks

  • The Youtuber rank is given out to people with over 1,000 subscribers, with their account connected.
  • The Streamer rank is give out to people with over 50 followers on twitch, with their account connected.
  • The Leopard Shark rank is given out by the owner. Do not ask for it. The above ranks are immune to 24 hour cooldown in #self-promotion. This authority can be removed if user spams content or reposts old content. If you want to share videos multiple times, use #general

Staff Ranks

  • Megalodon The dictator (Owner)
  • Whale Shark Discord Manager
  • Great White Shark Discord Admin
  • Hammerhead Shark Discord Moderator

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