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Bots, big active rp, optional lore you can read, Skilled, helpful staff that are happy to help if you're new to rp, or if you're a pro!



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Welcome to Domum! A roleplay server for anyone, and everyone! Any species is allowed, and anything goes (Obviously there's rules but we try to make them as freeing as possible)

Normally people list things so I'm going to do that as well We've got;

-Lots of bots for doing all of the things

-A large roleplay, with a lot of channels and constant activity

-A large amount of lore that you can choose to read into if you want, but if not then don't worry!

-A staff team who are all skilled in roleplaying and making character who would be happy to help if you're just starting, or if you're a professional already!

We hope to see you soon! Bye~!

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