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ARE YOU?! STRESSING THE HELL OUT? ARE YOU?! TRYING TO FIND A PLACE TO CHILL AND TALK TO RELIEVE STRESS? AREEEEEEE YOU?! SICK AND TIRED OF FIGHTS AND ARGUEMENTS HAPPENING IN OTHER SERVERS EVEN IN REAL LIFE??? Hehe... Guess what? You've come to the right place Une Personne is a chill / hangout / gaming community where you can discuss anything ranging from normal topics, gaming topics, anime, and much more!

Be prepared to receive a very warm welcome from our friendly members and staff once you join our server.

Everyone is invited to Une Personne, I mean the name literally says "One People". SO COME JOIN US! Oh also, feel free to drop us any suggestions on how we can make this server even better!


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Are you interested? 🚬 Join a fun and healthy community [14+ audience] 💀 We are more than just an lurk server with weekly server events; Game night, Karaoke night. 💉 Over 20+ custom colours! ⚠️ Rapidly growing community with lots of activity. 🔗 Active and hardworking staff. 👻 A clean organized environment. 🛁 Mentionable gaming roles [League of legends] [Overwatch] [CSGO] [PUBG] & More! 💸 Trust partnerships. 🏴 Emotes all suggested by you guys! 🚓 Heavy bot security! 🎭 Separate RP Server!

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