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We are Crane Crypto Calls and provide premium crypto signals from over 40 providers!



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We provide Premium Cryptocurrency Signals for a fraction of the cost

  • Artems-signals-premium
  • Blockchain-whispers-premium
  • Alanmasters-vip
  • Swingtrades-exclusive
  • Yo-crypto premium
  • Zcrypto premium
  • Oriental-whales
  • KRS Signals
  • Bitcoin Bravado
  • Alt Signals VVIP
  • Coin Trading Premium
  • VIP Crypto Zone
  • Cryptoland Elite and more...

Signals are announcements of good trading opportunities, as shared by the top rated paid trading groups. It is over $20,000 worth of membership for pennies.

Keep in mind that self analysis is important while following signals. Like anything else in our universe, signals cannot be perfect. We don't guarantee profit. We just share ideas, based on technical and fundamental analysis.

You can also join our telegram @CraneCryptoCalls Got questions and/or suggestions? Check #readme, DM us at @Crane Crypto Calls or ask the community!


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  • Act mature
  • General chat #early-bird-chat
  • No trolling other members
  • Follow #announcments or #earlybirds-ann to stay up to date
  • No spamming referral links, discord invites, or self-promotions without getting approved from a 3C Team member

Upon joining 3C and engaging in our community you are entering a binding Non-Disclosure agreement: sharing any research will result in an immediate ban

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