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Pokémon Battle Frontier Africa

Pokémon Battle Frontier Africa

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🏆Pokémon Battle Frontier Africa™

Come and Battle other Pokémon trainers to the ultimate experience in Gym Battles. Join any of our Gyms to compete. These will be remote tournaments and each one will have a Unique Gym Leader to make sure the competition stays fun and Unique. ▪Many prizes up for grabs and sponsors ready to give cool prizes for winners and participants. ▪Do you want to, or already have a server for pokémon. We invite you to Join servers and grow the community. We are always looking for Tournament Leaders, Gym Leaders, Researchers and Content Creators. ▪Pokémon GO gym leaders can use their own Silph.gg accounts to host tournaments or use ours, The choice is YOURS

⚠Pokemon GO⚠

Join a Gym to compete. Each Gym will have a Gym leader that will help you be the best you can be. Each Gym will also have their own set of rules and terms. We will update the list as the Gyms becomes available to Join. In Each gym you will have the opportunity to build your friendship until you are able to compete.

✔Each Gym leader has the right to allow and to remove members that are not working together or breaking either the Server Rules or The Gym Rules.

✔If you feel that you want to have your own Gym and have a few members lined up to start competing in the leagues, Gym names and availability will be a First Come First Serve basis. Current gym List that is available to Join: ▪Pewter City Gym & ▪Lumiose City Gym

⚠LGPE (Let’s GO Pikachu / Eevee)⚠

We do trades, Chat and tournaments on both versions for Beginners to advanced masters. Various leagues are used from OU League, UU League and the soon to be Baby League. Get game info and tips from the pro’s and learn everything there is to learn.

⚠Pokémon Sword & Shield⚠

Newly added adventures is heading your way with the new release of the latest in the main series games. We are preparing to get trades, walkthroughs and battles. Team up for Raids and many more exciting features.

⚠Why Join?⚠

You can choose what section to join! if you only play Pokémon GO and want your own gym for battles, or you want to compete in battles on LGPE or you want to join all Pokemon sections. You CAN choose.

➡➡➡➡Join NOW!!!

https://invite.gg/pokemonpvp enter image description here #battlefrontierafrica #PokemonPVP #PokemonLetsGO

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