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We are a FSX airshow team!



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Welcome to the Yellow Borons FSX aishow team! We are very happy to have you on our team, we would like to encurage you to read this to learn more about us and our members!(edited)

What do we do? We are a FSX:SE airshow team, we practice different skills and tricks to preform them to People and win aishow competitions! Our main goal is to have fun!

What airplanes do we fly?/What is our home Airport? We fly custom made F18 Hornets, you can find some pictures in #deleted-channel . Our home airport is KLAX, we are working on making a custom one with pylons and custom hangers. All will be able to download once we have accepted you in our tem (you will have to download them to be in our Team)

What do I need to join? To join fist of all you will have to accept the #📃rules, you will also need to have a real copy of FSX:SE, a stable Internet conection and a working microphone. Skills wise we are open to everithing as we have diferent categoryes!

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