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Sc0ttyM's Discord!

This server will help you for improving your gameplay in games such as Rocket League and COD Zombies + Much more!

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Gaming Rocket League Meme

  • No spamming in the chat.
  • No arguing with each other.
  • No asking for promotion or roles.
  • No graphic content.
  • No joking past the limit, Leaders and Admins will determine the severity of said joke and its punishment
  • No spamming in any channel or Leaders DMs. Don't be surprised if you get muted (or :BAN::NED:) by doing so.
  • No asking for free items on games such as Rocket League.
  • No self promotion on this discord.
  • No harassment / rude messages towards ANYONE within the chat! (Especially Leaders / Admins) Doing this will result in an instant warning!
  • The server language is English. Speaking in another language will be a warning and if you continue to do so, you will be :BAN::NED:!
  • Use #set-role to access trading and price checking access.
  • Use #rank-check for checking your rank.

3 Warnings = 1 Day server mute from text AND voice channels 5 Warnings = Banned from the server for 1 week If you are banned for 1 week, then join back and receive ONE MORE warning, you will be permanently banned!

To get a role within the chat you have to do this:

  • Moderator - Be personally selected by me to oversee the fluidity of the discord by reporting any issues to Admins
  • Rocket League Coach - Message me if you are interested in training @Rocket League Players to receive this role
  • Zombies Completionist - Have any 3 BO4 EE's completed
  • Rocket League Champion - Currently/previously have the Champion rank or above in Rocket League
  • Zombies Player - Be a skilled /knowledgeable Treyarch Zombies player
  • Rocket League Player - Be a player of Rocket League on a regular basis
  • Gothic - Be the chosen one


  • If you donate ¬£5 Paypal, you get the moderator role in Discord, your own special emote in the Discord AND Priority when it comes to open lobbies! (More to be added in the future!)

Donation link: