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Anime Universe India

Talk about animes, play bot games, enjoy music and chill out with the community!


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Anime Social Fun

We are, if not at least one of the largest Indian discord servers dedicated to anime discussion!


  • Friendly staff always ready to help
  • MEE6 XP along with role rewards
  • Events that drive community engagement such as showdown tournaments, L's Game
  • Custom bot featuring fun commands, shop, AI chat, gambling system and more
  • Use animated emojis and other custom emojis without having Nitro
  • Popular bots also available like Virtual Diner, Beycord, BoxBot, Dank Memer and Tatsu
  • Dynamic voice chat system, unlimited number of VCs can be made and they're automatically removed when everyone leaves the VC
  • TV Updates channel where the latest shows from Indian TV channels you don't wanna miss are posted, schedule updates and TRP ratings
  • Anime news channel auto posting latest content from popular sources right in the server
  • Get information on the latest free games and items And much more!

So what are you waiting for? If you love anime and want to find others like you, come join our server today!

If you have been banned from our server and don't agree with it, you may submit an appeal by going to