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A friendly community to join and meet other Fire Emblem fans and have casual conversations about your favorite games and characters.



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Hey everyone! We are a new server looking to gain more friendly people in our community! This server is a Fire Emblem focused server, however, you can talk about anything here as well! Everyone here so far is extremely friendly so you'll have no problem fitting in ^-^. If you wanna join but are afraid you don't know much about Fire Emblem, don't be afraid to join still! This friendly community is more than willing to help you get introduced to the series. And if you do know a lot about the series then this place is perfect as well, there are quite a few veteran players here who love to have engaging conversations about their favorite characters, games, etcetera. We'll also be holding giveaways for Steam Keys quite often! If you do decide to join then, I'll see you in the server and have fun! ^.^

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