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A group-fantasy roleplay with a well-crafted, living world and a story of people trying to survive in the face of unrelenting tyranny.



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Three hundred years ago, the continent of Kaith was torn asunder by a war of massive and world-changing scale. Ninety years ago, Kaith finally recovered to a time of relative peace and calmness. It did not last long. It has been half a century since a mighty, impossibly powerful force known only as Sylosh began the ruthless conquest of the rest of the known world. Pain, famine and suffering are all that remains to mark the passing of the imperial legions. However, there are those that choose to believe in a better world on the horizon. Those that fight despite the bitter odds and unimaginable cruelty of Sylosh spreading like a plague throughout the known world.

In the far East, in the ancient desert kingdom of Lao’umbara, the remaining princes try to set aside their differences and band together in the hopes of a proper defense. In the North-West, Risendar yet stands, using their mastery of their less civilized former foes in the cold tundras and danger-ridden mountains to the North as a way to stem the flow of Sylosh's forces into their lands. Finally, to the South-East, the noble knights of Feralein yet remain despite their capital having been seized by the enemy. They fight in the forests and on the open fields, hoping to rouse warriors out of their passivity to finally deal a blow to Sylosh’s seemingly limitless power.

But there is little hope left, as those that remain try desperately to hold off the coming tide to no avail. The world will soon belong to Sylosh. As will everything in it.

In this roleplay, your characters can either - through conflict and difficult decisions - grow to support the rebellious aspects of the world and work with them to end Sylosh’s tyrannical conquests… or assist the Empire in truly dominating all of Kaith. The roleplay takes place in its own world with its own magic system.

If you're an interested, somewhat experienced and a detailed writer, please come and join! We'd love to have you.

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