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An all inclusive Discord for Minecraft developers and users.



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About this Discord

Minecraft Developer Network is an all inclusive Discord for Minecraft developers and users. It has channels for various community projects and you can request to add your own project too!

What is this Discord's purpose?

This Discord server is meant to be an easy place for users to talk to well known and respected developers in the Minecraft community. You can ask for help for your mod, plugin, client, map or anything else and we will be glad to help you out.


What can I apply for?

Once you join the Discord you can submit a form found in the welcome channel to request a role or project channels.

Who's in on it?

Some of the developers on this Discord include:

  • Administrators: KodingKing
  • Sr. Developers: Chachy, ConorTheDev and Amplifiable More will be invited over the course of this server's lifetime.

This sounds great, how do I join?

Just click the Join server button above and enjoy the community.

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