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If you are interested in music, or music production this server is for you! whether you're a pro or a beginner you are welcome!



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Welcome to Producers Central!

If you like Music, Music production or anything that has to with music you will love our server for sure! Are you a professional? Awesome! You can use our server to share your tracks and help beginners. Are you a beginner? Even Better! You'll find lots of advice that will help you grow as an artist.

Right now we have: General Channel if you want just wanna talk or get to know members. Producer Talk Channel for talking about music production. Self Promo Channel where you can advertise your music to gain more traffic on your social media. Feedback Channel where you can share your creations and get helpful advice to help you become better. Voice Channels for those of you who don't like to type. Music Bot in case you want to relax . Useful commands. A place where you can share suggestions on the server in case you have some bright ideas. And much more to come as the server grows.

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veg 4 months ago

Hi! I'd love to join, but the link isn't working for me? I'm logged into top.gg and another server's link worked for me. I don't know if there's a way to comment either without "posting a review," sorry...