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A server dedicated entirely to pokecord, still small but with intentions to grow larger! Currently looking for gym leaders.



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A small server for players of every skill level! We currently have five gyms (looking for more gym leaders, and of course challengers ;D) and a daycare. The server is intended to have an Elite 4 and a Champion once enough gym leaders are found (at least 12 for a full group of Elite 4, hopefully at least 16 for both an even number and the ability for a victor to become the champion) via a tournament. The only limit on the number of gym leaders is the number of types, excluding the use of a type used by an Elite 4 member. Once a gym leader becomes champion, their type will once again become available. The daycare service rate is ten credits a level, no matter the pokemon, no matter how many levels or the starting level. Any unintentional overlevelling is free. Rules have been put in place for spamming to prevent pokemon from being stolen from the person/people spamming for them. If you were spamming, you get a chance at the pokemon. If you weren't, you don't, unless the spammer(s) concede(s) the opportunity. Pokemon thst spawn when no one is spamming are free game to everyone, even those who weren't conversing at the time. Rules are in place to prevent OP gym leaders. Everyone has a chance to get all of the badges.

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