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AdEasier What is AdEasier? AdEasier, otherwise known as Advertise Easier, is a server for promoting your social media, twitch stream, youtube etc.
It is also a place where you can hang out with content creators and play games. Not only can you promote social media, twitch etc. , you can promote your discord server! Please have fun and respect the rules. - Do not spam in ANY chats at ALL. -Swearing is not forbidden but, please do NOT swear in every message you type. -ONLY advertise in the advertising channels. -Do NOT be rude to moderators. e.g. I can do what I want! , Yeah right, you're gonna ban me ohhhh no! etc. -Don't SPAM our direct messages. If you need to message us, ask a mod before you do but, if it's crazy bad! don't hesitate to message us. -NO Ear Exploder 9000, Troll music etc in voice chat. -if YOU get Mod Role please, always read the rules we give you. -NO begging for mod or you will have a less chance of being a mod. ( Punished, if you spam us ) *-Please don't @ everyone *

Most Importantly have fun

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